Wednesday, May 29, 2013


Two brothers on a delayed L train and four teens; three boys and one girl. And two young German kids. The two brothers are talking about finite knowledge “if the world were infinite you wouldn’t know it” One brother is really trying to convince the other of Rumi’s greatness. I smell curry, artificial roses, not like fake but so full of dyes. It would make you sick if to make rose water out of it. Thinking of Arizona on a crowded train. Turkish desserts, creosote desert plants. We went on a short hike and forgot water. L train shuffling hordes to and from Manhattan. Two brothers think that they think well, their optimism is starting to annoy me. I need to love those kind of brothers “you see the foaming surface but not the sea” Oh shut the fu*k up! I’m hungry. The German kids bought bread from a drug store, what kind of bread do you buy at Walgreens?